What is forensic phonetics?

Phonetics is the science of speech. Forensic phonetics is phonetics applied to the evaluation of speech evidence used in courts of law.

What is speech evidence?

Speech evidence is speech that is relevant as evidence in a trial. Traditionally speech evidence was received from ear witnesses (people who personally remembered hearing speech related to a crime). Nowadays speech evidence more commonly takes the form of recorded audio, typically covert recordings.

What are covert recordings?

Covert recordings are conversations recorded secretly, without the knowledge of at least one of the speakers.

Covert recordings provide powerful evidence, potentially allowing the court to hear witnesses, or even the defendant, making admissions or giving information they would not have been willing to provide overtly (openly).

What is Forensic Phonetics Australia?

Forensic Phonetics Australia exists to provide information, education and consultancy about forensic phonetics.

Just a note

We are focused on the Australian context, but the topics have relevance in other jurisdictions as well